Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Memories

For earth day I thought it would be nice to post how we have done our little part to support the destruction of nearly 40,000 trees. So just sit back, relax, and we'll take a little trip down memory lane.

Here is our neighborhood pretty much as it looks today, with the exception that there are a lot more houses south of the wash.

Here it is December 30, 2004. We just moved into our new house a couple months ago and are still enjoying our two roomies J and C. (j/k guys . . . but you know its the truth . . . ok just joking. . . except for I'm not . . . ha I got you that time didn't I . . . but seriously it was a small house for all of us)

October 18, 2003. Genevieve and I started dating 5 months ago. I think she's a keeper!!

And here is our future home on July 26, 1992. I'm in like 2ND grade, a thousand miles away. Isn't it crazy. Each one of those little dots is a pecan tree. If you can guess how many there are you will win a prize. I counted 39,689, but I might have missed one. Try it!

P.S. Don't get too sad on earth day, we still have a couple of those trees behind our house where we run a wildlife preserve for the not-so-endangered giant barking crow. It's true!!

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  1. Wow, what a great retrospective! I hate it every time our pine forest loses the battle to a new store or housing area, but I love my little plot of earth with the trees that are still here keeping watch over us.