Friday, July 17, 2009


Brooke and Jaycee had birthdays and I am late, as usual, telling about it! Jaycee turned 2 years old on June 16th, and Brooke turned 4 years old on July 3rd. Each month, the Brinkerhoff side of our family gets together to celebrate all the birthdays for the month. For June & July, we decided it would be easier to just combine and do one party for both months. We got together on June 30th to celebrate. Between both months we had 5 birthdays: Jaren (turned 1), Jaycee (2), Brooke (4), Gabrielle (9), and Ross (too old to disclose!). We met at Ross & Elyssa's house and enjoyed homemade pizza with brownies for dessert. It was a great time!

Here are the birthday kids!

Here is Brooke with some of her gifts.

Here is Jaycee with some of her gifts.

Cami made these skirts for the girls. They are super cute! They all happened to be wearing pink shirts so it was really cute with all of them matching!


  1. Happy birthday one and all! The girls were all adorable in their new skirts!

  2. Hey I was shocked when I saw you put a new post! It was a fun Party and still can't believe Brooke is 4 and Jaycee is 2 Crazy!
    Hope to see more posts see you guys soon